Recent Purchases - April

Here are a few things that I've accumulated over the past month. I got some really great deals so at least that justifies (not really) my spending.

These are super comfortable. Unfortunately I've only been able to wear them around the house because all of the sudden Ohio decided to go back in time to November and be all cold and rainy. blah.

Land's End Canvas Nautical Shorts $34.50
I'm really into printed shorts this year. They just make a simple outfit more fun I think. And as I mentioned before I'm also very into nautical themed clothes/accessories so I could not pass these up. Plus I got free shipping and they even sent a personal thank you note for shopping with them. Very well done Land's End.

Hollister Santa Monica Tote $15.90
This is my first Hollister tote bag. I love totes for summer and this one is neutral and will go with anything. This was on sale and they have alot more cute ones that I might have to go back and check out....

Hollister SoCal body lotion. $6.90
This smells soooo good. For under $10 I might have to stock up on this. I'm always unsure about buying lotion/perfumes online if I've never smelled them in real life. But I'm glad I took the chance with this one. Seriously go check it out. ------->

Forever21 Tulle Pleat top $19.80 $9.99
This top was on sale and I just had to have it. It's too cute. It does not look like something that came from F21. I knot alot of people say how cheap their stuff looks and I'll be honest sometimes it does. But they have really stepped things up in the last year. The fabrics feel better, the designs are unique. The prices have gone up a bit but still everything is under around $50 so you really can't beat that.

LC boyfriend blazer from Kohl's $34.99
I finally got a bf blazer! I never wanted to spend a whole lot of money on one because honestly I don't have many places I would wear one but I think it is something good to have on hand. This fits really great...I was worried it would be too boxy and would make me look like a linebacker but I was impressed. Excellent job LC. 

Forever21 Marilyn Contrast Plaid Coat $16.99
This was my favorite find! I saw this on their website months ago and it was sold out in my size and I believe it was still regular price ($34.80). I was checking through the sale section online last week and this coat popped up again and I figured I'd see if they ever got a large back in stock and guess what?! They did! But you already knew that didn't you? This coat actually has me wishing it was winter again but then I come back to my senses and just be happy that I already have my winter coat for this year.

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