About Me

holiday: Halloween
color: I love all colors. As far as fave colors to wear I like black, white, blue, green and yellow looks really good on me so I need to buy some more of that :)
clothing brand: American Eagle, LC for Kohl's, Forever21
makeup brand: Urban Decay and Maybelline or Rimmel for drugstore brands
lip stick color: Viva Glam Gaga although I'm not a huge lipstick person. I mostly just wear strawberry or classic chapstick
animal: I like all animals but for some reason I really like possums (or is it opossum?) because they're just so ugly they're cute and I always feel bad when I see them on the side of the road :(
vacation spot: hmmm that's a tricky one. I really Gatlinburg just because of the mountains. I like Chicago for the shopping and Navy Pier. I also loved Ireland and would love to go back someday. Everyone there was just so nice and welcoming...you don't see that much in America.
singer: Changes all the time. I really like Alicia Keys and I'll admit it - I'll always love Britney Spears. 
band: wow that list could go on forever! here's a few though: Dave Matthews, Paramore, Avenged Sevefold, Beatles, Doors, Floyd, Zeppelin, No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, Transiberan Orchestra, and does the cast of Glee count?
restaurantCheesecake Factory, Chili's, Bravo, Smokey Bones
nail polish color: I don't really have a favorite. I do really like OPI Done Out in Deco though.
cat or dog: both. I like cats because they're just so chill but dogs are fun to play around with.
beach or mountains: mountains. They make me feel very in tune with nature and very calm. but I would love to be on a beach right now. 
basketball or football: football definitely. I hate basketball with a passion! It seems so pointless just running up and down a court and the shoes squeaking on the floor drives me insane! besides football players are hotter :)
taking pics or being in the pic: taking. I'm not that good at being in a candid pic - I never like how I look. I'm always making some sort of strange face or something. no. not good.
rock or Country: depends on my mood. I gravitate more towards rock though. I like country in the  summer...is that weird?
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
listening or talking: listening 
pedicure or manicure: neither. I've never had a pedicure - I don't like feet not even my own. And I've never had a good manicure experience - they're always too rough!
breakfast or no breakfast: breakfast. I've gotten really into eating breakfast since I've been dieting. Oatmeal & cereal are my faves. I really love having breakfast for dinner (IHOP!) when I don't know what else to eat.
night owl or early bird: I'm not a huge morning person. I like to get up early but it takes me awhile to actually "wake up" and be alert in the morning. But I can stay up till 4am no problem.
sushi or fast food: The only sushi I'll eat is the one with all veggies. I just don't trust raw fish...I like to make sure my food's dead before I eat it. 
lots of acquaintances or a small group of GOOD friends: small group of close friends!
do you have a tattooyes. a star with smaller stars and swirly things on my wrist. it looks alot better than I just described. maybe i'll post a pic.
any piercingsmy ears, belly, tongue
have you ever cheated on someone? no no no and no
have you ever been cheated on? not that I know of...lol. I've been with my bf for 8 years and I trust him completely.
are you in love? YES!
name 3 places you would like to travel: Ireland, Caribbean, Italy
what are your passions? makeup, fashion, photography, music, art
what is ONE great memory from your past..details!! (it can be small or big): I would have to say visiting my bf while he was living in Florida. It was just the 2 of us for a whole week. He was living in Winter Park and we went to these neat little restaurants and went to the beach. It was just really fun - kind of like a little vacation. We'd never been on one just the 2 of us before so it made it more special.
what would you do with a million dollars? pay off all my bills, give some to charity, maybe buy a house and save whatever was left over. I'm sure I'd have to buy some new shoes or something too :)

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