Quick little Kohl's haul

Let me just say that normally when I go to Kohl's I can never seem to find anything I really like enough to actually spend money on. However their website? Freakin' goldmine! I always find stuff on there that I love and am very much willing to buy. I went on the other day to check out the clearance and found some great deals on athletic apparel.

First up:
Danskin stretch crop pants on sale for $8.00
Seriously?! Could not pass these up. Normally I don't do "crop" pants because you see being only 5'3" they usually make me look like a big dumpy mess but for just working out in my basement where no one will ever see me I can live them.

FILA media pocket tank for $12.00. Really cute basic blank fitness tank, plus has a pocket for your mp3 player, phone, etc on the left (right side in picture). The black seems to be sold out online but the blue is still available, in fact I might just get that color too.

Next is another FILA tank with a zippered side pocket for your media. It was $12.00. Really cute pink tank...just had to throw in some color. I can't seem to find this anywhere online now but here is a similar option...it's a little more at $22.99 but still a decent price.

Tek Gear Performance Tank for $9.60. I really liked this color and pattern plus the price was great!

Sonoma hoodie for $6.80. Just a pretty basic throw on and go hoodie. Love the color and the little design adds something extra to a simple jeans & t-shirt.

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