New hair color & Incoco nails

Ok, so after doing nothing all day I figured I should do something with myself. So I colored my hair. Nothing drastic. Just a touch up for my grays. Seriously. I'm 27. I've really been wanting a chocolate brown color so when I was looking for color I looked for anything with "chocolate" in the name. I ended up finding this:

I think I've tried this brand before. I like that it doesn't contain Ammonia. I hate that stuff, it burns my eyes and obviously if it does that, it can't be good for my hair. And it only takes 10 minutes. Love that. I actually kept it on for 15, I always do about 5 minutes more than the recommended time. After rinsing out the color and using the conditioner in the box (which smells really good by the way) my hair came out feeling soft and well.....healthy looking.

My only complaint is that whenever I use a dark brown hair color, I feel like it always ends up looking black. This has happened with every brand I've tried. Should I start using a lighter brown? Or should I just give in and go to and actual hairdresser to get my color done? Opinions are welcome!

Before blow drying my newly colored hair, I decided to use my favorite face mask:
I love this stuff! I got it earlier this year after hearing all about it on youtube and blogs. It's even better because it's cheap and you can buy it at your local drugstore (I believe I got mine at Ulta though). It really works too. Here's your obligatory face mask shot:

I also decided I try the Incoco nail strips I got in last month's Birchbox. They're basically the same thing as the Sally Hansen ones. The first strip didn't go on so well I was thinking it was going to be a complete fail but they actually ended up looking nice. I did have to "patch" up some areas with leftover strips. I didn't have to do that last time I tried the SH ones. They also seemed to tear easier than the SH ones. Maybe it's just me but heads up anyway. 

I really like the way they turned out. The design is kind of subtle, but it would be great for a night out. I might have to purchase this print or look for others!
Have you ever tried these strips? What did you think?

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