Wishlist: Charlotte Russe

Hey everyone! I'm currently in the middle of Snowpocalypse 2011. It's not as bad here as say, Chicago or Detroit but we did have our fair share of ice here in Ohio today. And now we're supposedly getting snow on top of the ice along with wind. Super. I'm sort of hoping for another day off, but we'll see!
 I kind of wish I'd just wake up and it'd be Spring. 
Or at least a reasonable temperature, something like say 50?
 I'd take it. 

It's been awhile since I've actually, seriously shopped at Charlotte Russe. I think the last time I was actually in the store was when I was still in high school. I was never really all about the store to begin with but it was one store my friends and I liked to visit. Especially when school dances came around and we wanted to look our hoochiest. The only thing I ever really remember about the store was that they always had a huge bin right in the middle near the registers. Full of panties. They were always some kind of deal. Like buy 2 get one free or see how many of these it takes to form a reasonable pair of underwear. Something like that. 
However, I popped by their website on a whim today (mostly out of boredom and I was severely procrastinating on doing laundry) and found a few things I felt were worth sharing.
Well played Charlotte.

Very cute. And a little like J Crew, no?

Love the color. And a great layering piece. Long sleeves now and a tank in the spring.
*Also comes in dark blue, which I also like.

How. Cute. Is. This?! Cute on its own, with a cardigan OR layered under a tee or sweater. Like Kim did. 
*Also comes in pink

If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for anything nautical, especially the navy & white stripe combo. So obviously, love this! And the pearl bow? Like icing on the cake. Even better, it's under $30. Like, whoa.
*Also comes in natural

Wow. I heart this. Perfect for V-Day. I'd wear it with tights and a comfy sweater now and some cute flats for spring.

OK, forget what I just said. THIS is my V-Day dress. With a red (or pink?) cardigan! Yes! I'm so there!

I wouldn't usually like something like this. But. For some season, I really love this. Like. A lot.

Um yes, it actually says "scarf" but I see now scarf. Hmmm. Any-who, I really like this.

I sort of have a weakness for chunky platforms.

OMG. I want these. Now. They're perfect. I love a nice sequined shoe, especially when it's a neutral. These are on sale and only a few sizes left - 6,8, & 10. Should I pull the trigger on the size 8? Hmmmm.....

A cute way to brighten up your rainy day. (HA! totally rhymed!) If I didn't already have a super cute pair from Target, I'd be all over these.

I also have a thing for wedges. They give you height, but are waaaay easier to walk in than most heels. And these white wedges just scream summer to me. I'm especially loving the brown trim.
*Also comes in black & olive

That's all I have for now. If I put everything I liked on here, this post would be about 50 pages long. Seriously, if you haven't lately, go check out Charlotte Russe. They seemed to have really stepped up their game. Let's just hope they got rid of the panty bin.....

Goodnight everyone. And to those affected by this massive storm - be safe!


  1. OMG - I want the Pearl Stripe Sweater Top - $24.50 O_o its SO CUTE
    I'm live Australia though ... :(

  2. btw, <3 <3 your font...can u plz tell me what it's called?

  3. It's called "coming soon"....I love it too! Obviously :)