Good to be back...

Hey everyone! I'm back! Sorry I've been absent for a bit. My grandfather passed away last week so I've kind of taken a step back from everything for awhile but now I'm ready to get back on track with everything. As a way to distract myself from everything, I began a complete overhaul on my room. Cleaning, purging, moving, organizing. It's still not complete but I'd say it's about 90% there. I feel so much better going into my room and knowing exactly where everything is and I know that my life has been simplified. Who doesn't love that?! Here's a few pictures of my progress so far (as well as my perfume collection!)

I found this cute little tray on sale at Target last summer. I think it was like $2.50 or something like that. I knew it'd be perfect to hold all of my perfume....

See? Only problem is, I can't get any more perfume for awhile since this sucker's a lil full. Here's my perfume collection (starting from back left):
"L" by Gwen Stefani; "Romance" by Ralph Lauren; "Black Orchid" by Tom Ford; "Ezra" by Abercrombie & Fitch; "Burberry Brit" by Burberry; a fragrance by Mark cosmetics; a fragrance by Sonia Kashuk; "Euphoria" by Calvin Klein; "Abigail" from American Eagle; "Bliss" by Salvatore Ferragamo; "Verona" by ?; "Secret Obsession" by Calvin Klein; "Cool" by Ralph Lauren, "Ralph" by Ralph Lauren; "Be Delicious" by DKNY; "Desire" from Victoria's Secret; "Glow" by JLo; "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder; I can't remember the 3 really small sample bottles, but I know one is "Happy" by Clinique. Also not pictured: "Fancy" by Jessica Simpson & "Juicy Couture" by Juicy Couture. 

These are just a few of my lotions & hair products. I actually threw a lot away. But these are the ones I tend to use on more of a daily basis. Oh, and the little guy on the left? He's my Humpty Dumpty piggy bank I've had since I was a baby. It's basically a big plastic egg with a coin slot and the "suit" was hand knitted.

My jewelry storage. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pins & hair stuff all in their own respective drawers. The snow globe is from New York City. And to the left in the black box (under the silver bracelet) is a beautiful bracelet my future brother & sister in law bought me at Harrod's in London last summer.

My small watch collection. I bought the blue one for like $5 at Walmart just to have when I work out or whatever. The tan(?) skinny one was a gift from Avon. The white one is from American Eagle. And the silver one is my beloved Michael Kors. I actually found the box it came in and transferred it there to protect it. I still need to go and have one of the links removed because it's too big for me! In the box are all of my smaller, stud earrings.

My TV & bookcase. Don't judge the Johnny Depp & Twilight posters ;) or my Gossip Girl box set.....

My DVD stand. Once again, no judging the Laguna Beach & Hills collections. The spray & lotion are both sleep inducing products. I'm not sure if they really work but they smell grrreat. The candle is, as you can see, just about done but it smelled really good. Like apple cinnamon. Oh and my cute little piggy bank (Libery of London from Target!)

My candle to replace the apple cinnamon one. I like to switch up my scents and since I'm super eager for spring to come around, I thought this was the perfect scent. It smells very clean and refreshing.

Well that's about all I have for now. I'm super tired 'cause I've been up since 7am and it's really catching up to me now. Can't wait to go sleep in my clean, organized room

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