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I've been pretty productive today readers. I slept in till about 10:30. I needed it though. Yesterday I woke up at 9 after not being able to get to sleep until 4:30am. Ugh. Yeah I needed it. But so far today I've washed my bedclothes and my blankets are next once the washer is free. I made myself some coffee and a good breakfast. Had a Granny Smith apple for a snack. WORKED-OUT. Yes it feels good to say that since I really can't remember the last time it actually happened. Shame. I started out kind of easy. I don't want to overdo it my first day back and then have to take a week off to recover. Pretty counter-productive. I did a DVD workout that was about 30 minutes of cardio. I seriously don't understand how the instructors do those moves so fast! I felt like a bumbling buffoon trying to go from one move to the next. The good thing though, is that I've done these before and they repeat the same 5 or 6 moves over and over in a different sequence so eventually you get the hang of it. After about 29 and 1/2 minutes.....But anyway it felt good. Then I did a few sit-ups and push-ups. I busted out 15 sit-ups pretty easily. However. Push-ups? After about 2 1/2 I gave up. They're overrated anyway. I'll stick with weights from now on. Now I'm just taking it easy the rest of the day. Watching movies, reading magazines, watching youtube videos, etc. etc....
Here's my movie selection for today:
That's right. Those are MY movies. I'm 26 years old. I have no kids. But I grew up with these movies (except Nemo, he's just cute) and there's nothing wrong with a little nostalgia every now and then. 

See? I have more grown up tastes too. Especially Beavis & Butthead. Oscar-worthy. 

Reading material:
Wedding magazines.

I have to have my tabloid mixed in.

This one is my favorite. Why are you so hot Johnny? btw, can you teach me how to do my eyeliner like yours? Please??

These are my favorite magazine covers right now (besides Johnny's of course). Don't Mila & Kim look flawless? I'm not a huge Kardashian fan but I really want Kim's hair right now. And Mila's dress. I know these magazines are photo shopped  about a zillion times but they make these ladies look more beautiful than they already are. 

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