Found another one!

I keep seeing look-a-likes everywhere! Not that I'm complaining. As much as I'd love to someday own a pair of Louboutin heels or Miu Miu wedges I just can't bring myself to shell out the money. I just change my mind too much. Not maybe someday I'll really invest in a nice pair of classic well made black pumps or something. But as far as trendy shoes go, I'd rather spend $20-30 at Target and wear them for 1 year than spend $500 and only wear them a couple months.
Anyway here's my latest look-a-like:

Looks like:

Often seen on Jennifer Aniston:

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  1. Those are some cute wedges! Thanks 4 sharing and I am SO with you. I just can't shell out mega wads of cash on expensive shoes when Targets ones are just as cute look-wise and price-wise.
    btw thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) It's nice to see fresh new faces.
    And I know! Having a Target across my house is like having a liquor store by an Alcoholic! So toxic!!!