Where do I get my wings?

So I can't sleep and I have to be up for work in about 7 hours. Not too bad really, I've gone on less sleep before buttttt let's just say I'm not the most pleasant person when that happens. So instead of actually trying super hard to get to sleep, what do I do? Shop online. Duh. Well let me rephrase that - I actually only bought 2 things, from 1 place. Victoria's Secret. Did anyone watch the fashion show? I always mark my calender for it. I love it! The music, the fashion, the wings!!!!! Oh and I was loving the glittery runway this year. And I was obsessed with Chanel Iman's white fluffy wings. Anyways......here's what I ordered:

I think these 2 will go good together. Plus I can never get enough sequins. They are a little more expensive - definitely the most I've ever spent on sweatpants! But I think they're totally cute and let's just say it's an early Christmas present to myself. That works right?
Oh and I did get free shipping as well as this for free:
From now until 11:59pm EST on Dec 2, if you spend $60 you can get this FREE fashion show tank (regularly $32). I just hope I look like that with mine on.......

The wings:
Must have them. Now.

More amazing wings from the show:

 Love these:

 My second favorite:

And didn't you love Katy Perry? She totally rocked it in my opinion:

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