Still feeling sick

OMG I want this cold to go away now! I'm so over it. It's kind of nice in the beginning when everyone feels sorry for you being sick and they try to take care of you, but at this point I just want it gone. I can't go 5 minutes without coughing and every time I do, my head starts to hurt. Hopefully it will be gone soon. Although my Nyquil induced dreams have been quite interesting even though I can't remember them come morning.
Here's another picture of some of the shoes in my collection. Enjoy!

This pair is from American Eagle. I bought them last year. I have to say I really like their shoes. They're surprisingly comfortable, cute as a button and of course affordable. These are silver metallic snake print. I just love the pink lining and the bow.

Another pair from AE. I just recently purchased these online and got them last week. I wanted a pair of everyday type of flats that would go with anything and everything. I really love the suede and the color of these. And of course the leopard lining is adorable.

Hope you all have a fun & safe weekend!

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