I missed out....again

It happens every time. I always wait too long to pull the trigger on things over at Anthro. And then of course they sell out because it's always somethings super ridiculously cute. Last week the Rensselaer T-Straps went on sale. But like an idiot I went back and forth all week debating whether or not to get them. I mean they were marked down to $79.95 which isn't super cheap but for a pair of (cute cute) shoes from Anthro it wasn't that bad. And now of course they are sold out in my size. Yes I know I could call Customer Service and have them hunt down a pair of size 8's but I've already convinced myself I don't need these shoes. (Now I really hope they don't come back in stock because we all know that would be fate telling me to buy now!) And of course I have to be all responsible and sensible and save my money for Christmas presents and bills and such. Ick. Whatever. However, all is not lost. I did end up ordering this:

from Old Navy. It's marked down to $60 (from $89) and I've been wanting a white coat for awhile. There's something very classy about it. Plus the at the sale price how could I not?


  1. I know I opted out of not purchasing the Rensselaer T- straps. I just wanted to say that I heart your blog!