Holiday Dresses: Forever21

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving already! I swear Halloween was JUST last week. I mean I was totally wearing my costume....but come to think of it, I think I was the only one. Damn. Anyway I've had the idea to doing some posts on cute holiday dresses. The next few weeks are full of parties and get togethers and whatnot so I thought I'd share with you some of my picks for awesome holiday dresses (and shoes to go with them of course!). My first picks come from none other than Forever21. Not only are these dresses cute and fashion forward, they're also very inexpensive which is great because we've got to save our money for Christmas presents!

I'm not usually a huge fan of velvet but this navy color looks very rich and pretty. And it's under $15!

Who doesn't love a simple dress with alot of sparkle?! Perfect for NYE.

If you're not ready to go full of disco ball sparkle, here's a more subtle way to ease into it. 
By the way: This chick totally looks like Nicole from America's Next Top Model. Actually I think it is her. I can't remember which season she's from. Anyone else think it's her or am I just craaaazy?

Lace is another big trend this year and a dress like this would be perfect for Christmas parties. Just add some pretty accessories and a standout shoe and you're ready to go!

No it's not supposed to "lame", I just don't know how to put the little accent over the "e", I'm not even sure if I can. Cause I'm not smart with that stuff. Whatever. This dress is not lame and it's very pretty :)

This color is a great alternative to all the black, red and gold dresses. It'll definitely get you noticed! Keep accessories simple or go all out, 'tis the season you can get away with it! And with a price this low, you can get one in every color!

Another safe way to try out sequins is by wearing them on your feet! Since these are black you might be able to get away with wearing them year round with some skinny jeans and a loose tee or floral print dress.

Grey is really in right now. It's much softer than black but it's still a great neutral and will take you from the office to a party. I especially love the polished trim, it gives it a little something extra.

Who doesn't love a little ruffle? This is another way to kick basic sandals up a notch.

These are a good way to incorporate lace into your outfit without feeling like a doily. These are also a pair of shoes that you could get away with wearing all year.

How cute are these? I love the blue color and the bow!

Love these! Yes you can wear peep toes in the winter (even if you don't live in a warmer climate!) I love peep toes paired with tights.

Here's an option if you want a bit of a lower heel (it's about 3.7") but they're still cute enough for a party.

Leopard is another huge trend for fall and these would look great with a black long sleeved mini-dress and tights.

If you're feeling brave, try out the over the knee boot trend. I personally can't get on board with this 100%. I know when done right it looks fabulous but I still think of hooker boots when I see these. Plus I have huge calves and thighs and I think this would just make it worse. So, sorry OTK boots, we will never be friends. Sad.

These are great if you're going for more of a rocker look. Would look awesome with a ruffle-y dress.

If heels aren't your thing (or if you just want something cute to slip on after your 4" heels start to hurt) flats are another cute option. I am loving these and just might have to get them.

I'm personally not a huge fan of the lace up oxfords but I have seen them in magazines and such and I think these would be a cute option for the holidays.

Seriously, I wish F21 would come up with some more creative names for their products. But I do suppose simplicity works. Anyway. I really love the navy and black together on these. And of course the cute little flower.

Metallic and sparkle? Yes, please!

Sigh. These are adorable. 

Well that about wraps it up! I'll be on the lookout for more holiday dresses and shoes. So be looking forward to more of these coming up soon!

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  1. Great shoe selection! Love the gray satins.... Just can't get enough shoes... My friends already know it's the thing to be getting me this season. :)