Um fall can please come back? Pretty please??

Seriously. Sometimes I hate living in Ohio. Just a week ago I was wearing boots and a sweater and today I had to break out my flips flops and short sleeves again. I did manage to wear jeans, I wasn't about to wear shorts since it's supposed to be fall I've stopped tanning and I wouldn't have wanted to blind anyone with my pasty legs!
I'm having a bit of trouble getting to sleep tonight. Happens every time I have to get up early. I was feeling super tired around 6 but now wide awake. Plus my stomach hurts which doesn't help the whole being able to relax thing. So I figured instead of laying in bed tossing and turning I figured I'd do something semi-productive and share with you what I bought at Target today. I actually didn't buy any clothes or make-up  (yay!), just a few things for the cat and such. Pretty boring, I know but I was trying to be practical.
Kitty litter - this is on sale right now at Target if anyone cares. Just the "small spaces" one was on sale. Plus there was a $2 off coupon attached. woo-hoo! 

I saw this wrapping paper on an end-cap and thought it was so pretty. The red will be great for Christmas presents. Actually I think all of them could work for Christmas, but there are some birthdays coming up as well. I especially love the one in the middle. I'll show you a pic of when I actually have it wrapped over something. 

They were all on sale for a $1.74 each! It says it was originally $3.49.

I don't know what's been with me and candles this year. I've become obsessed with them! Not like that's a bad thing though. I'm not going out and buying $30 Yankee candles or anything. Mostly Glade, Febreeze & this new one I bought today by AirWick. It's called "crackling fire & pumpkin something or other" it smelled really really good. Very comforting. And I got the scented oil thingy that plugs into the wall. That one is "cherry such and such". I don't have the things in front of me and I can't remember the names. sorry! This one also smells good. I smelled the candle version but decided to get the oil instead. Both were under $3 so that's pretty awesome.

Lastly these came in the mail today. Well not today. Today was a holiday. They came Saturday. I'm just noticing that Taylor and Katy are doing similar poses on the cover. And  both of their covers mention something about men being naked. tee-hee.

Alright well I'm off to bed. I guess I'll start reading one of these magazines. Reading usually helps me get to sleep. 
What tricks do you use to help you get to sleep?

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