Wedding pics!

Last weekend I had the honor of playing bridesmaid in my bf's brother's wedding. I had such a great time with all the other bridesmaids. We all met for the first time on Friday and by Saturday morning were like bffs. We had a blast getting our hair & make-up done.
Let me back track for a sec....
Friday we had the rehearsal at the church then dinner at the Newport Aquarium! How awesome is that?! I never even knew you could do that. We had the whole place to ourselves. We had a cocktail hour then dinner and then we were free to roam the place till 11:30pm. It was so nice to walk through the aquarium and not have to dodge strollers and children running around.
Friday night, me the bride and her MOH stayed at The Cincinnatian Hotel. We stayed in the wedding suite since the bride & groom were staying there after the wedding. It was by far the best hotel room I've ever stayed in! There were 2 fireplaces & TV's (one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom). Speaking of the bathroom it was enormous. There was a huge bathtub in the middle and a stand-up shower. There was also a little dining area where we ate room service in the morning (best bagel ever!). There was also an indoor balcony that looked over the lobby. OH! Also when we were checking in Friday night we saw Chad Johnson in the lobby! We weren't sure if it was him at first but after like 50 "casual" glances we confirmed it was him. Plus when we asked the guy at the front desk if it was in fact Chad Ochocino he replied "I'm not at liberty to say.." If that isn't a dead giveaway I don't know what is.
Saturday morning we all got our hair and make-up did at this cute little place called The Soapbox Salon. My hair turned out really good - as did everyone else's. I wish I got pics of everyone's hair but I just didn't think about it at the time :( A make-up artist for MAC came to do our make-up which once again, everyone's looked great. I had to get used to mine at first because I normally don't do such a dramatic look (plus I had on false eyelashes!) but I think it went really well with the dress.
The wedding went perfectly. Everything went right, nobody fell or anything like that. The church was beautiful and of course the bride looked gorgeous walking down the aisle. I loved her gown - breathtaking! After about 100,000 pictures we headed to the reception at The Phoenix. It was a pretty cool place. The lighting and centerpieces looked wonderful and the band kept people on the dance floor allll night long. It was the best wedding I have ever attended - it'll be hard to top it!
Now what you've all been waiting for......the pictures!

p.s. I don't have a whole lot of pics. My camera was acting weird so I ended up not taking it with me so I had to rely on my parents for pictures. Luckily they ended up with some good ones!

That's me starting my walk down the -long- aisle

I felt very short between these 2 girls and I was even in heels!

I believe this was the vows portion but I'm not sure

Here come the newlyweds!!

A very cute pic of me and the bf

The Phoenix

I love the chandelier and the lighting on the ceiling

This band was awesome!

They're called "Soul Pocket" in case you're wondering

Me & my momma

My dad and I
and no that's not a vodka tonic in my hand....

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