It's raining here. Again. Actually it stopped awhile ago. Now the sun is coming out but it's all sticky and humid. Gross. And it looks like more rain is on the way. Ugh. I like rain and all, I'm not complaining but WHY does it always seem to rain on my days off?!?! Not fair mother nature. Although it was nice to be laying in bed this morning with the windows open, listening to the steady rain fall outside. That is until a huge and I mean huge - like sent the cat bolting, jumping out of her skin - huge thunder clap came along. My eyes flew open and I sat up like I'd been shocked or something. Well then I was totally awake. There was no going back to sleep after that one. So I got up and dragged myself out in the rain to run some errands. It's weird but I much rather like to do my errands on rainy days than warm sunny days. Maybe it's because I'm thinking there wont be as many people running around in shitty weather. I'm wrong every time though. Now I am back home - clearly - and I'm off to do laundry, clean and catch up on Gossip Girl. Seriously, I'm like 6 episodes behind. Shame on me.
But I will leave you with some lovelies from F21 - by the way my b-day is in like 3 days and gifts are welcome....just sayin'

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