Wishlist: Anthropologie

Cooling Palette Dress $188. Sigh. Really love this dress and it would be perfect to wear for either my birthday or a bridal shower I have coming up. However I'm not sure I can stomach the price....will be checking daily for a sale!

Sweet Shoppe Dress $158. Ok this one is a little easier on the wallet. A little. It's really pretty though even if it does remind me of my candy striper days...

Roped In Dress $138. What a cute dress. I just love it. I'd be more inclined to spend the money on this one than any other. I've been feeling rather nautical lately especially since the boyfriend has been thinking about going to the Navy.

Molded & Melded Tee $48. This is pretty. Price isn't too bad either. I'm obsessed with the sky color. This could very well go on my b-day list.

Creative Outlet Tank $58. This appears to be out of stock at the moment. At least in the green color. The color I want. Go figure. It does say it will be available on the the 27th though. We'll see.

Tecolote Tank $78. Sooo pretty. This could make the bridal shower cut. I really love this top.

Buoyant Bunches Cardigan $78. This is a perfect throw-over-anything-and-go cardi for spring/summer. I think it's worth the price. I'm already picturing the endless appearances it could be making in my wardrobe.

 That's all I have for now. Maybe I can get some sleep seeing as how I have to be up in a mere 6 hours and work a double and my allergies/sinuses/body in general is fighting against me. Oh well....money will be worth it and perhaps after I may purchase one or two or more of above wishlist items....

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