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I have loved this woman from the first time I saw the video for "Just A Girl" when I was in like 7th grade. From then on I was obsessed. I bought the album soon after. I still have it to this day.

I love her stage style. It's so simple but edgy and cool.

I love the fact that she wears hoodies and makes look like a fashion statement. As a hoodie girl myself I appreciate the fact that she can look so stylish yet comfortable at the same time. And I wouldn't mind having her abs either...

She has a timeless look about her. She looks like a silent movie actress in this picture - love it.

This looks very 40s inspired and look at her legs! Amazing.
A little Marilyn Monroe look. I would wear this make-up everyday if I could learn to perfect that black eyeliner...

Back when I first saw her she looked a little something like this....

But even then she was a fashion inspiration for me. After that I wore tank tops without worrying if my bra straps were showing because Gwen made it look cool.

Tthis is my favorite picture :)

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