Color Run 2012

If you guys haven't heard of this race yet....seriously. Where have you been?! I participated in my first Color Run this morning and it will definitely NOT be my last!

Yes it sucked getting up at 5am on my day off. And yes it was freeeezing this morning in good ol' Cincy. But once we were there in the atmosphere of "the happiest 5k on the planet" my tiredness and frozen hands were long forgotten.

We started off clean and bright:

And by the end we looked something like this:

You guys. You should all do this race. You don't have to be a serious runner. It is a totally fun run! Afterwards they have music and of course more color!
There's still more races going around all over the country - check it out!
And here's video footage of all the super fun craziness:

If I haven't made myself clear already:
you won't regret it!

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