I'm baaaack!

Well technically I've been back for about a week but you know how you kind of need a vacation when you come back from vacation? Yea. I totally needed that. It was so hard to go into work Monday morning. It was even harder to put on something other than a bikini coverup and flip flops. But I made it happen. Here's a few a buttload of pictures from my trip. Enjoy! *super photo heavy!*

First up are some pics the hotel we stayed in the first night (we drove half way and stopped for the night). It was an Embassy Suites in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

And finally......

View from the front of the house.

Living room of the house we stayed at

Upper level....3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom


View from the back of the house. The ocean was in our backyard.

Left side of the back balcony...nothing but blue skies and ocean :)

I like all the accesses 

View from the back of the house. We had our own private access to the beach.


After a short walk....

Fishing boat!

We saw this boat every day.

Really cool storm brewing.

I could get used to this....

I have more pictures on my phone but I didn't wan to completely spam you with 100 pics in one day!
More to come soon!


  1. every hotel room needs to come with that TV. lol. soooo happy i discovered your blog. totally following. i hope you'll check mine out too. :) can't wait to see more. xoxo


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  2. Thank you so much! I'm totally following your blog now - I love it!