So I just had to share this with you guys really quick. So last night I'm perusing around ebay (as usual). I was looking at shoes, natch. I started with looking at shoes from Target, which led me to looking at Cynthia Vincent for Target, which led me to Cynthia Vincent which led me to these:

Alright, these aren't the actual pair I bought. Mine are darker near the toe and get lighter towards the heel. They look gorgeous! They weren't even Buy it Now, which I usually only go for. I don't like to wait. BUT. I waited for these. I stayed up till like 2am waiting for the auction to end so I could put my bid in. There were no other bidders but I wanted to wait till the last minute to put mine in. With shipping the final price I paid for these were....wait for it....$31.98!!! I mean seriously?! Wow. I usually find decent deals on ebay but this was like monumental for me so I just had to share. I'm not sure what these retailed for but I know it was more than $30....Once they come I will take plenty of pics. I can't wait!

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