Hmmm...you look so familiar....

Hello everyone! I'm still trying to kick this cold. Ugh. It's not funny anymore. Really. So when I'm not at work, I've been in bed switching back and forth from watching crappy TV, reading magazines, and surfing the internet (and trying not to go broke seeing all the cute new sweaters and boots and such).
This afternoon I was checking out Forever21's website and I came across this:

Which looks an awful lot like this:
Anthropologie Plaza Cardigan - no longer available but check ebay (that's where I got mine)
There are subtle differences, I don't think the F21 version looks as long, but it's still a great replica and and even better price!
Tricia found some other look-a-likes which she posted about here

I also found a few Anthro look-a-likes at Ruche

looks like:
Now since Anthro still has some of these available I guess the Ruche version isn't really a steal. However the sizes are limited on Anthro's website and they don't have the light pink color. So it's really up to you.

And this:

reminded me of:
Anthropologie Millefeuille Tank - no longer available, not sure of the original price

Then I saw this:

Which made me think of this:
The Anthro version is cheaper, if only by a smidgen, but still.....

And it's kind of a far stretch but I saw this:

And instantly thought of this:
Anthropologie Casino Nights Blouse

There were also a few other things I saw on their website that reminded me of Anthro items but I couldn't quite remember the names:

And well, I just added this because I think it's adorable:
Love! Very Emma Pillsbury no?

Oh and I liked this too:

I also stumbled upon their purses:

Bottom line: I love Ruche! I've only ordered from them once but all of these things have me wanting to add to my collection ;)
If you've missed out on a certain Anthro item, or are on a tighter budget, I would definitely check out Ruche and Forever21. I know F21 has gotten in trouble for selling look-a-likes in the past but they still keep making them. I think eventually everyone copies each other. And on the other hand, not everyone can afford a $100 sweater.

Well this post ended up being longer than I expected. And now I'm totally exhausted. This cold is kicking my ass and I'm not too happy about it. 
Off to Nyquil-land now! Goodnight!


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