What's in my bag....

Hey everyone! It's a chilly Saturday here, but I'm not complaining! I've got my coffee & college football on all day (let's go Notre Dame!) so I'll be good to go. Just wanted to do a quick "what's in my bag" post. I always enjoy watching these on youtube. It's fun to see all the crap us women tend to accumulate in our purses. I usually seem to have a lot more in my bag, but I just switched to a new one so everything's been cleaned out....for now ;)

First off I got this bag on ebay. It's a Jessica Simpson. I know I know....but you can't deny that the women knows how to design a killer purse (and shoes!!!)

Now here's the goods (from left to right, sorta):
a pen, MAC Creme d'Nude, Revlon Soft Nude, Cherry Chapstick, Classic Chapstick, Mint Chapstick, Softlips, Blistex, Eos lip balm in Honeydew & Summer Fruit, Orbit gum, NYX lipgloss (the name escapes me at the moment), Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss in Coral-something, elf lipgloss, Bath & Bodyworks Pocket Bac in Cucumber Melon, Incanto Bliss by Salvatore Ferragamo, B&BW lotion in Moonlight Path, B&BW body spray in Forever Sunshine, and last but not least my wallet which was from Target and I want to say it was Mossimo brand, but I'm not 100%

Well there you have it. Some other things I always have that aren't pictured - my phone, phone charger, my ipod, some sort of Tylenol, Motrin, etc,  and lately I've been toting around a lightweight hoodie - yes it fits in my bag!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm bartending a wedding tonight with a friend. It should be fun!

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