My new favorite lip products

For as long as I can remember I've always been a lip product girl. In junior high and high school I was the girl with every flavor of Bonne Bell lipsmacker in her purse. And everyone always knew to come to me if they were in need of a lipgloss. Well some things never change. Since I've "matured" though, I now only carry one or two flavors of BB in my bag, along with multiple tubes of Chapstick and lipsticks and glosses. I've also never really been much of a lipstick gal. I tend to like a more natural look when it comes to my lips. No bold reds or plums here! I go for light pinks and of course nudes. And even then I usually go for gloss over lipstick. I've never much liked the feel of lipstick, it always felt heavy on my lips and I tend to lick my lips a lot so it wore off quickly. But recently things have changed. I've discovered 2 new lipsticks that I am in love with and I'm tempted to stock up now because I have some sort of fear that they will be discontinued or something.
Here's what I'm talking about:
I've recently become more aware of MAC products and could easily spend a ridiculous amount of money on that website. But the way I go through makeup I just can't justify spending almost $40 on a lipstick and eyeshadow. But I do get all the hype about the lipstick. A few months ago I bought the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere! :( I'm thinking about repurchasing though, along with the Cyndi one also. The money goes to a good cause after all.

On the left: MAC Creme d'Nude. Love this color! It goes on sooo smooth and looks great. It's a nude but it doesn't make your lips completely disappear. And it smells good too, which is always a plus. I got mine on ebay for around $10. A little much for me, but the pay off is totally worth it.
On the right: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude. Another really great color. Kind of similar to the MAC but the formula feels a little different. I love the packaging, the quilted pattern and the shiny lettering. Perfect. I highly recommend both of these lipsticks. If you can find the MAC one for cheap (or if you don't mind the $14.50 price) I'd go for that one first, but the Revlon is definitely a great alternative.

Two more products - well actually just one.

I spotted these little guys at Walgreen's over a year ago but lately it seems like they've had a lot of buzz around them. I've seen them on a ton of youtube videos lately and decided I finally had to get some for myself. They're so cute and unique there's no way I could pass them up! They were 2/$6 which isn't a bad price. The one on the left is "honeydew melon" - or something like that and the one on the right is "summer fruit". They both smell so good and feel good on your lips. Very moisturizing. They recently came out with a new flavor - lemon. I might try that one, but I'm not too sure about it. 

Hope this was helpful for anyone looking for a new lipstick/balm. I would definitely recommend all of these to anyone!

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