Is it really that hard to find a basic black pump?

I mean. Seriously. I've been searching for "the one" on and off for about a year now once I realized I didn't have a pair of just plain basic go with everything black pumps. Truth is, I've never even really been a "basic" kind of girl. I don't even have an LBD people. I never think of buying basic things when shopping for clothes, shoes, etc. I'm attracted to all things colorful, embellished, things that are unique and stand out. My goal is to make people wonder "Where did she find that?" when they see what I'm wearing. I mean in a good way; I don't want people to think I'm some crazy clown lady now. I am slowly building my "basic" wardrobe. I've been looking for all things black, gray, white, and nude. I'm trying. It's hard, but I'm trying. Sorry for not wanting to blend in!

So back to the black pump issue. I just cannot find the perfect one. Maybe I'm being too picky. But if I'm spending hard earned money on something that I want to get alot of use out of, don't I deserve to be just a wee bit picky? Oh I think so. Every shoe I see just seems to have something wrong with it. The heel is too high or not high enough. The toe is too pointy. The material looks cheap. And so on.

I found a pair on ebay that seemed perfect. The heel was the perfect height and the toe was rounded but not too rounded. And they were only $18 and with shipping ended up being $28. Perfect black pumps for under $20? Yes, please. They even looked perfect when I opened the box and inspected them. I tried them on and well let's just say I'm not too impressed. First off there was some definite toe cleavage. Which is kind of a pet peeve of mine. I just don't like it. I don't why. And then there's the fact that my foot feels like it's almost vertical when it's in the shoe. Maybe it's just because I haven't worn a real pair of heels in awhile. In the summer I stick to flip flops and low wedges so maybe I just got used to my foot being you know, on the ground. I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep these or not. I need to practice walking in them a bit more and break them in or something. We'll see. Here are some pics. I really do like these and I hope they'll work out for me. If not back on ebay they go since I threw away the receipt!

Look at that clevage! Ahhh! Gross. Not to mention my feet look all wrinkly by my toes :(

Well I did make a shoe purchase that I was happy with today at Target:

Very comfy and warm. Can't wait to sport these in a couple on months. They were $16.99 and also came in dark brown (which I might just have to go back and get)

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