Things I'm currently loving

So here's a few random things I'm loving (and eating) lately:

Claritin & Sudafed
I would seriously die without these! With the weather in Ohio being so unpredictable and the pollen count being through the roof lately, these guys have been helping me A-lot.

sunglasses! eye protection is always a must. I wear mine everytime I go outside whether or not the sun is out.

Tuna salad
I love these little packs. I get 'em at Target for under $2 each. Each pouch has enough in it for one sandwich (which it doesn't look it but it does, I promise) and it's all made up so all you have to do is open the pouch and spread it on some bread and you're good to go! I put some lettuce, tomato and mustard on mine, JSYK (just so you know)

Jello pudding!
gotta love a dessert that takes only minutes to make

I love bagels, for real. they're easy to just pop in the toaster and then slap 'em with some cream cheese. yum.

straw dispenser
I found this at Kroger I think. Or maybe Target. I don't remember. I don't think they're too hard to find though. I love drinking out of straws, that way the ice doesn't hit my lip when I'm trying to take a drink because, readers, I tend to use a ton of ice and it gets to be a problem when it keeps hitting you in the face when all you want is a lil' liquid refreshment. So if you're a weirdo (or an ice fanatic) like me then go get yourself a big ol' canister of straws!

I love these. I can eat a few at a time and my sweet tooth is satisfied.

I love me a good jalapeño - these aren't too hot (is that why it says they're "tamed" - I just noticed this) and I put them on everything from eggs to burgers.

Marzetti's dijon honey mustard.
It has to be this brand or it's not worth anything to me! We just got these little packets at work and I am constantly taking them home with me. shhhh.

Landshark beer.
My fave summer beer - aside from Corona
Just pop a lime in it and ahhhh

this stuff is so good on a toasted english muffin. Satisfies my need for chocolate.

Frank's Red Hot
Just like a jalapeños I put this stuff on eggs, pizza, anything!

Coffee ice cream
I don't like really sweet ice cream so the coffee is good because you get that ice cream taste but the coffee makes it not as sickly sweet.

This is great. Really. Not only can you get movies but you can get TV shows as well. I am currently working my way through Rescue Me.

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