Happy Birthday to ME!

I am officially the proud owner of the Ash Lotus wedges! I have been obsessed with these shoes ever since I saw them on Amber. I knew I had to have them. They retail for $260 so I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger. I have never, and I mean NEVER spent that much money on shoes. But I figured my birthday's coming up and I could buy them as a present to myself....no I'm not rationalizing at all. really. 
Anyway I thought I'd check out ebay on the off chance they might have them at a semi reduced price. I was in luck. Someone was selling them for $150. The buy it now price was around $200 I think but I put in a bid anyway. I figured if I can get them for $50 less why not? I stalked my bid for days and I was highest (and only) bidder. Then in the last 20 minutes of the auction someone else thought they might put a bid on MY shoes! How dare they. I refused to down without a fight. There was a bit of a bidding war. I literally waited until the last 2 seconds to put in my final bid and I WON. I paid (with shipping) $187. It was quite a rush I will admit. But when I want something I get it - it's not that I'm spoiled, just determined. 
I actually received these last week but I'm just now getting around to posting pictures so without further ado - here they are:

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